Customary Units of Length Up to 100

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Daniel has drawn a hopscotch that is 18 feet long, and Daniel has drawn one that is 5 feet shorter. How long is Daniel's hopscotch?

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There are two snakes currently at the pet store for sale. The common adder is 19 inches long. Caden is interested in the puff adder that is 15 inches shorter than the common adder. How long is the puff adder?

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At the boat dock, the white boat is 17 feet long. The yellow boat is 15 feet shorter than the white boat. How many feet long is the yellow boat?

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Jacob is measuring things around a warehouse full of coloured boxes. He finds out that the blue box is 3 feet longer than the purple box which is 1 foot long. How long is the blue box?

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Mia is measuring slices of bacon. The first piece is 7 inches long, and the second piece is 7 inches longer. What is the full length of the second piece of bacon?

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Caleb can imagine being 14 feet tall. Diana can imagine being 5 feet taller than Caleb. How tall can Diana imagine being?

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In the gym equipment locker, yellow jump ropes are 14 feet long. Blue beaded jump ropes are 3 feet longer than yellow jump ropes. How many feet long are blue beaded jump ropes?